An example of the Single Product Block.

In this article, we are going to talk about the AffiliateBooster Single Product Block. It is a block designed to highlight the most important features of a product and help improve sales and conversions on your website.

For the demonstration, we are going to use a new post, but you can use it on an existing page or post as well. You can find the AffiliateBooster Single Product Block in the blocks menu, or simply type “/ab” and select it from the list.

This is how the default view looks like.

This block has many hidden features so read the following steps to see how to explore them.

#1. Change list items to paragraph

By default, our block shows list items below Sub Title; however, you can switch it to paragraph too.

#2. Fetch image from external URL

If you are going to use this block to promote Amazon products, we have given the option to fetch image directly from external URL.

#3. Dynamic Blocks

You can convert the entire image area into a dynamic block where you can add any block from WordPress.

#4. Adding Title/Sub Title in Table of Content

Go to Title/Sub Title Settings and you can pick heading tags.

Once you do that, these titles are going to get displayed in Table of Content.

and there are many exciting settings which can make this block much better. Just explore the settings and make your blog a cash cow.