If you are planning to have a different design on your homepage and have a different blog section, this is how you can do it.

Before we processed, please check the link below to understand.

As you have seen, homepage has a different design, and blog is having a complete blog look.

To achieve this, you'll have to publish 2 pages.

Step 1: Create a Page (not post) and give it a title as Homepage.

Step 2: Publish this Page.

Step 3: Create a Page (not post) and give it a title as Blog.

Step 4: Publish this page too.

Step 5: Go to Settings >> Reading

Step 6: Select A static page (select below) and choose the Homepage in Homepage option and Blog in Post Page option.

Step 7: Click at Save Changes Below.

Your blog section is live. :)

Now you'll be able to access your blog like the following link.


Important Note: You'll have to design your homepage with either Elementor or any page builder now. By default you are going to see the homepage as an empty page now.