Note: We have launched Amazon API in Single Product Block only. It's in testing phase right now; as soon as it's working 100% fine, we will release in other blocks too.

Step 1: Do these steps

1: Click at Affiliate Booster settings.

2: Click at Amazon Product Advertising API

3: Grab your API keys by clicking at the link.

4: Add your API keys here

5: Grab the shortcode and be ready to use in Single Product Block.

Step 2: Add Single Product Block in your article.

You'll see Amazon settings here.

Just paste the Shortcodes in the settings.

Here are the shortcodes.

Show Image Shortcode :

Show Price Shortcode :

Show Rating Shortcode :

Bold characters in this shortcode is called ASIN code.

Now go to Amazon and open the product which you want to promote.

Just change the ASIN code in shortcodes.

Show Image Shortcode :

Show Price Shortcode :

Show Rating Shortcode :

You'll see the shortcodes added like this.