AffiliateBooster Theme, Plugin, and Elementor are 3 different products for 3 different use cases.

AffiliateBooster Theme is a WordPress theme you can use to create any type of site.

AffiliateBooster Plugin is a plugin that adds Gutenberg blocks to your website which you can use to create high-converting blocks to boost affiliate revenue.

Elementor is a page builder that is used to design pages on WordPress websites. Technically, you can recreate the blocks present in the AffiliateBooster Plugin with Elementor and use them on your website, but there are many disadvantages to that approach.

First, creating those elements or blocks with Elementor will take a lot of time, which you can save by using the AffiliateBooster Plugin.

Second, if you design every page with Elementor, your website's performance will suffer, which can lead to low rankings. On Even if you create a few pages with Elementor, you will be creating the most important pages on your website with Elementor. IF the performance of these pages is not great, then will not be able to generate the revenue that you expected with them.