If you're facing issues when using the AffiliateBooster plugin, then you should read this article. Common issues are: 

  • blocks are breaking in the backend
  • Errors with blocks
  • Blocks don't format correctly when viewed on the frontend

For most of these issues, the root cause is the same. It is a conflict with a theme or a plugin. Here are the steps you need to take to identify which plugins are causing the issue.

1. Deactivate All Your Plugins

First, deactivate all your plugins (except AffiliateBooster Blocks). Then you should check if the issue still exists. If it still does, it is likely a theme issue.

2. Changing Theme (if #1 did not solve the issue)

If deactivating all plugins did not solve the issue, then you should temporarily change your theme. We recommend that you switch to the WordPress 2020 theme, as it is the most basic theme.

If changing the theme solves the issue, then you should contact the theme dev and ask them to fix it. Till the issue is fixed at their end, you should use a different theme.

3. Enabling Plugins

Now you will start activating plugins. Since the issue can be with both theme and plugin, we recommend that you enable only 1 plugin at a time, and keep checking if everything works as expected.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Enable your first plugin
  2. Check your site's backend and frontend
  3. If everything works fine, repeat step #1
  4. If something breaks, make note of the plugin, keep it disabled, then repeat step #1

If no plugin breaks your website, then you only need to change your theme. If you also found a troublesome plugin, then you might need to ditch it or find some alternatives for it.

Plugin Based Solution

If you are new to WordPress and want an easier solution, then you can use the Plugin Detective plugin to perform the same steps that we did. In this case, the plugin will activate and deactivate the plugins for you. Watch the video below for instructions.

But, the plugin only checks for plugin issues that affect the frontend. If your issue is in the backed, you might need to follow the manual process to isolate the problem.