How to Install Affiliate Booster Plugin and Activate License Key

Note: This plugin won't work if you have installed "Classic Editor" Plugin on your blog. Please check your plugins and deactivate the "Classic Editor" plugin to use our Gutenberg Blocks.

In this article, we are going to show you how to download, install, and activate the AffiliateBooster Plugin on your website. Let us start with the download process first. Head over to the AffiliateBooster website. Once you're there, click the Login button to log into your account.

You will see a login form on the screen. Enter your credentials there, and click the Log In button to log in.

## If you don’t have Your Password, Follow These Steps

If you did not create an account while purchasing the theme and plugin, but instead only entered your email, then you won’t have a password to log in. In that case, click the Lost your password link.

On the screen that appears, enter the email that you used to purchase the theme and plugin, and click the Get New Password button.

If you entered your email correctly, then you should see this confirmation on the screen.

Next, check your email. You should have received a password reset link from AffiliateBooster in your email, which would look something like this. Click the link in the email to reset your password.

On the form, enter a new password that you would like to use for your account, and click the Reset Password button.

Once you do it, you will have successfully reset your account’s password. Now you can log into your account again using the steps we mentioned in the above article. Here is a quick reminder.

After these steps, you should already be inside your account. If not, click the Your Account link on the top right.

You will reach your account inside AffiliateBooster, and you will see multiple tabs. Click the Download tab to access the plugin download.

Under the download tab, you will find the links to download the AffiliateBooster Plugin. The links will be for the latest version so that the file names might change over time. Click the link to download the file to your computer.

Once downloaded, place the file in a folder that you can remember.

Installing the Plugin on Your Website

Installing the process is similar to installing the theme. Navigate to Plugins > Add New from the WordPress menu.

On the next page, click the Upload Plugin button.

The page will expand, and you will see some additional elements on the screen. Click the Choose File button.

Your operating system’s file explorer will open up. Navigate to the location where you stored your plugin files and choose the appropriate file to upload.

Click the Install Now button to start installing the plugin.

You will be taken to a new page, and the plugin will start uploading and installing. In a few seconds, you should see a screen similar to the one below. Click the Activate Plugin button to activate the plugin.

Once you click the button, you will be taken to the plugin page, where you will see that the plugin is installed with a success notice.

Activating the License of the Plugin

Similar to the AffiliateBooster theme, the license of the AffiliateBooster Blocks plugin is present inside your AffiliateBooster account. So, head over to and click the Your Account link. If you’re not logged in, log in first.

Once you’re inside your account, click the License Keys tab

There you will see the license keys of all the purchases you’ve made at AffiliateBooster. Copy the license key next to the AffiliateBooster plugin.

Next, head to your website’s admin area and navigate to Plugins > Affiliate Booster Blocks.

Paste your key in the License Key section and click the Save Changes button.

AffiliateBooster will retrieve the license status of your website and display it below the license key. Click the Activate License button to activate your copy.

The plugin will be activated, which you will be able to confirm with the button’s text changing to Deactivate License.

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